Company Profile

  • Company name:Stand Field Co., Ltd
  • Address:〒981-3632 2-3-3, Mahoroba, Yoshioka, Taiwa, Kurokawa, Miyagi
  • Shop TEL/FAX:022-739-7494
  • Office TEL/FAX:022-739-7495
  • Founder:Yoshnori Tatsuta
  • Founding date:14th Feb, 2012
  • Capital:8 million yen
  • Transaction Bank: 77 Bank Tomiya Branch, Sendai Bank Taitomi Branch
  • Main customers: Studio D’artisan International Co., Ltd., Warehouse Co., Ltd., Maruhon Co., Ltd., Full Count Co., Ltd., FA Workshop Co., Ltd., Ivic Co., Ltd., Japan Blue Co., Ltd., Samurai Co., Ltd., Columbus Co., Ltd. Patagonia Japan Branch, Kyoshin L Co., Ltd., Craft Co., Ltd.
  • Business description:
    Manufacture and sale of leather products, purchase and sale of apparel and miscellaneous goods, production and sale of stamps and brands, day service school business, OEM business

Corporate philosophy

“ Create ”

“ Create ”

Since its founding, we have always been committed to manufacturing.
What is “creativity” for us?



We will create connections between people, appreciate the resource materials on the earth, and modify them to create the best value.


Create more valuable items to contribute to regional revitalization, development of regional commerce, and social welfare.


We create new and valuable things for dreams, hopes, and future from the place where there is nothing that is the original form.

OEM business


Stand Field also does OEM business using the technology cultivated by our own brand.
We can support small product lots and support various product planning and design work.


Display plate

Illustration creation
Data creation
UV printing on wood

Novelty plate

Design data creation
UV printing on wood


Illustration creation
Design data creation
UV printing on wood

Waka/display plate

Design data creation
UV printing on wood

Leather key chain (with print)

Design data creation
UV printing on genuine leather
Keychain production

Leather key holder

Product design
Key holder production

Equipment introduction

We have introduced a special UV printer made by Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. that can print on various materials.

Adaptable material
  • Genuine leather & faux leather
  • Wood
  • Plastic material
  • Metal
  • Cloth, paper, etc.

*Printing may not be possible depending on the size and materials even if the materials listed above are applied, so please contact the contact person for the material and design first.


OEM Business details

OEM business:
Design/manufacture of products using special UV printing machines, design/manufacture of branding/engraving, planning/manufacturing of leather products

UV printing supplier:
Miyagi Central Forestry Association, Sendai Broadcasting Enterprise, Tomiya City Hall, Tangara Mori