About after service

We,Samurai Craft, offer maintenance services with the hope that our customers will use our leather products for a long time. We shall repairs and after-care as much as possible, such as metal fitting defects, loose stitches, lace breaks, etc. Feel free to inquire anytime.


Reparation Fee

Metal fittings basic free
Eyelet drilling free
Maintenance oil free
Stitch fray free
Broken lace free
Fastener(Original) 2,500JPY
Fastener long
Fastener change
  1. Charges may occur depending on the condition of damage. It is certain to consult with us in advance. If you have any problems not listed in the right column, please contact us.
  2. For those who live abroad. We shall charge the shipping fee. If any defects or defects that are clearly the responsibility of our company are recognized, we will bear the entire cost including the repair fee.
  3. “Guarantee Cards” are distributed to customers who order from April 2019. Customers who have this card will need this card when making a request. Please give it along with the product. After the work is completed, the card will be returned.