Caring for leather products


  1.  For the first time care, start with sunbathing. Place the product on a white paper or cloth without applying oil, then put under the sun. If possible, change the side every now and then to tan evenly.
  2. After sunbathing, apply oil. Refrain from applying too much oil. Then, wipe off excess oil. If you apply it evenly, leave it for half day to a day.
  3.  Repeat 1-2 until you get the desired shade.
    It protects from dirt if you repeat sunbathing and oil application. Please take time for a month till next maintenance. No need for sunbathing.

Maintenance tips

Our natural leather are tanned with vegetable tanins. It is a special process to make the most of the blessings from animals and plants. Even if it becomes “leather,” it will change like living creature. If it is properly taken care, it would last for half a century and will evolve into the highest beauty. Oil-up is the key to aging of leather products. Enjoy scratches and dirt as taste. Maintain properly while taking advantage of the original taste of leather.

※ The above maintenance method is for saddle leather. Please consult how to care for Rugato shoulder, exotic leather and other leathers.

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