Samurai Craft’s spirit of manufacturing is “Material, Time frame, Skill”. No matter how good you are, if the materials are not good, “good things” will not be born. It is also the ego of the creator who spends too much time making good them.

We don’t neglect the patience of those who wait. We won’t skip the process trying to be efficient. Reading the texture and expression of leather that can be felt only by handwork. Working diligently in manufacturing leads to gratitude for the raw material and joy of the future owner.

Samurai Craft Founder: Yoshnori Tatsuta

Aiming for the lifetime products

In 2003, “Samurai Craft” started from a prefabricated hut of about 6 tatami mats, which was located at the foot of Taiwa in Miyagi prefecture. Samurai crafts representative Tatsuta continued to face leather. Tatsuta received orders from friends, acquaintances and many customers. He made repeated trials and errors aiming for something that would be “lifelong” for the user, considering not only the appearance but also the ease of use and durability. “Skill” and “philosophy” cultivated in that way. They are firmly inherited by Samurai Craft products.

Products which are stylish and practical at the same time

A piece of leather is spread and the craftsmen cut the parts used in the right places while reading the leather grain. Make a thread path and sew up while being sensitive about its tension. Sometimes we may change the tension and the angle of the sewing. Every process depends on the ability of the craftsman to create the figure when it is completed.

We have made many improvements in pursuit of usability up to the current model. We have acquired the unique technique that can be achieved only by hand sewing. Our wallet has a functionally outstanding finish that is hard to deform when storing bills, coins and cards. “Leather” evolves the more you use it.

Outward appearance might vary but leather shall change with time on your own way.

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“Leather” has a universal presence without being out of date. Before Tatsuta becomes aware of leather, it’s always been there. However, there are various choices of materials and designs. Samurai Craft stocks a wide range of leathers to create the best companion for the clients. Our mainstay saddle leather is treated to give it a moderate luster. In addition, in consideration of usage, stain-proofing has been performed and oil is evenly impregnated before cutting.

These extra processes take more time and energy. This quality leather that has been reborn shall ultimately “age properly”. Our products also have military-derived product names, a testament of the confidence that they will become timeless masterpieces.